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Best High Roller Casinos in Canada 2022

Updated May 15, 2023

by Marco Writly

I have researched, tested and analyzed for you the best Canadian high stakes casinos as a payout. To get started playing with high stakes limits, choose one of the high roller casino sites below:

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High stakes casinos: the top Canadian high roller casinos of November 2022

If unlike the Slots with high bet limits.

Slot machines are among the favorite games of our compatriots gamblers, this is a fact established and consolidated by the statistics of recent years. In the high stakes casinos that I have selected for you there are numerous roller machines that allow you to bet at the maximum.

Among the most interesting high stakes slots should be mentioned for example the beautiful High stakes roulette.

High stakes blackjack

Another great classic casino very popular with the Canadian public is the secure online casinos, looking for a product that would meet these requirements.

After careful observation of the various catalogs I found the top high stakes blackjack on the game book of our dear SNAI: a “Blackjack Surrender” that in addition to excite us with its particular rules, allows us to bet sums up to C$ 5,000. An amount that compared to what you can place on foreign sites is probably low, but in principle I think it can satisfy even Canadian VIP players.

New Canadian high roller casinos

In this guide I am dealing with the best online high roller casinos on the Canadian market. I remember that even among the new online casinos we can find some particularly suitable for players “strong”. Many users prefer to stay on the platforms known, afraid of having little familiarity with new operators or not feel “at home”.

Operators in possession of a regular Canadian license , you can play on platforms of the highest quality. As with the new online casinos in the table above.

Live high stakes casino: tables and limits

The speech is certainly different when we talk about high stakes live casinos. Online live gaming platforms in Canada offer a number of different products of different types with the maximum stakes on average higher than those that can be found in the same products in conventional versions.

From my point of view, this has a cautionary motivation in favor of the users, since betting thousands and thousands of CAD against an algorithm is certainly not the same thing as if you had a real dealer in front of you. The human factor represented by the dealer obviously provides any player with a greater sense of credibility than that of a machine, although all automated games at our Canadian casinos are regularly tested by external verification associations.

Returning to the main topic of this paragraph, I would like to mention some live products with high betting limits on our casinos: I would like to point out StarCasino’s “Classic Roulette La Partage” which allows you to bet up to 75,000C$, while SNAI’s “Blackjack Unlimited” which is much more moderate does not go beyond the threshold of 2,000C$.

Additional real-time games are available at the high roller casinos I have selected for you. They include 888casino’s “Baccarat Control Squeeze” with its C$1,000 maximum bet, as well as the uncommon but no less exciting “Punto Banco” and StarCasino’s “Caribbean Stud”, both with a maximum bet that is certainly not explosive but still interesting for those who want to risk more in each gaming session.

Mobile High Stakes Casino

With the spread of portable devices and the consequent optimization of games, increasingly adapted to the small size of the screens of smartphones and tablets, you can have the pleasure of betting large sums even if you are not at home. Generally speaking, not all casinos allow high rollers to get their money’s worth even on portable devices.

The apps developed by the high stakes mobile casinos I’ve selected for you are certainly quite capable in this regard. They cover a large number of games and above all don’t exclude live dealer products which, as we’ve seen, are notoriously the ones that allow high rollers the most freedom of movement when it comes to high stakes.

Casino bonus for high roller and other VIP privileges

While it is true that compared to land-based casinos, playing online is worthwhile due to the presence of welcome bonuses that are absent in the physical gambling halls of our territory, it is equally true that high roller players have even more opportunities to win rich prizes and VIP  benefits. The loyalty promotions of casinos, which serve to maintain and pamper on their platform users who play more consistently, are a clear example of actual convenience inextricably linked to a gaming activity characterized by high volumes of bets.

To be taken into consideration when choosing a particular payment method are the speed of transactions and the possibility of make reloads with large sums of money or withdraw large winnings , if we look at it from a high roller perspective. The table above shows the maximum deposit limits for the casinos I have recommended on this page. These values are obviously to be taken with a grain of salt. I have already mentioned that VIP players of a given platform can benefit from a special treatment: well, among the privileges is also the ability to deposit and withdraw more than the predetermined amounts.

Are there any online casinos with no wagering, deposit or withdrawal limits?

In this paragraph I will refute one of the most common urban legends, namely the presence of online casinos in Canada without limits of bets. In fact, this rumor is not supported by any concrete data nor by law. If you want to exercise in compliance with the regulations laid down by the state in fact, each casino must set a ceiling for the bets on its products.

In case any of you have dealt with online casinos that do not have this limitation, you can be sure that you have played with a non-legal operator. You must absolutely avoid registering with dealers not guaranteed by Why choose high-stakes casinos.

Playing on a high stakes casino is certainly the most exciting way to spend your gaming hours. You can win a lot and certainly by raising the stakes you can experience stronger emotions. But the advantages for a high roller are also others. I have summarized them in the box below. In it you can find the reasons why playing at these casinos is worthwhile.

  • High winnings It is clear: by betting very high amounts of money you can get higher winnings. At a quick glance this seems to be the real advantage of a high roller casino. However, beyond this easy deduction, it is necessary to point out that the same amount of money  is not worth the same for a high roller and a low roller. A very high payout for a low roller is probably ordinary for a high roller. High stakes casinos therefore, rather than offering the possibility of winning larger sums of money, allow more experienced players to win more in line with their price range. Don’t think this is a trivial matter; indeed, it is a consideration that should be carefully considered.
  • Premium content Let’s start with a fundamental assumption: there is no real high stakes casino dedicated exclusively to high stakes games . However, there are some high-end casinos in our gambling landscape that have more high roller products in their catalog. It is easy to see that these items are dedicated to users with more money and that they are of higher quality. We are talking about graphics, audio and video effects, fluidity of play but also (in the case of live games) of luxurious sets and dealers of excellence.
  • Vip promotions Exclusive casinos that include a large number of high roller products in their gaming catalogs, in addition to providing a more exciting gaming experience and above average quality items, also benefit high rollers for another reason: the amount of VIP promotions  they offer to their loyal and wealthy users. We are talking about particular advantages such as special bonuses corresponding to sums of money that are credited to the user’s account at the moment when the latter makes a fairly large deposit or at least after the same has reached a large volume of bets on the platform.
  • An ad hoc “Personal Trainer” In the box opposite we mentioned the special bonus promotions reserved for high-end customers of casinos well stocked with high roller products. In addition to these, a further privilege granted only and exclusively to the most prestigious users is characterized by the dedicated personal assistance of an Account Manager. This means that each VIP customer will have a trustworthy person  from within the casino at his or her disposal with whom he or she can consult regarding gaming strategies or any other form of personal advice. In short, a real gaming assistant who knows the user personally and always knows what to recommend.

As you can see, the privileges of high stakes players in the box above are quite exclusive. In fact, some of them were already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, but I think you’ll have a much clearer idea now, or at least I hope you will since we are approaching the end of this interesting and in-depth page dedicated to online high roller casinos.

Playing at a high stakes casino: a truly adrenaline-filled experience!

After recommending the ten casinos that best suit the needs of high rollers, evaluating the betting limits of the games and specifying the maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts, I have shown you in detail the real conveniences for a high roller. The privileges accorded to this category of player are not in themselves a sufficient reason to start betting large sums of money and changing your gaming strategy.

Bet responsibly measuring the amount of money you put in with your real money and emotional needs. Undoubtedly the casinos for “strong” players and high stakes gambling in general will provide you with more adrenaline and higher winnings , but if you have a minimum of experience you know that you should never bite off more than you can chew, as in life. Good luck to all!


Before drawing any final conclusions about high roller casinos, here are some frequent questions related to high stakes gambling that I am often asked by you readers or find on the web.

What are the best Canadian high stakes casinos?

Big names in the panorama of Canadian online gaming rooms such as StarCasino, SNAI, 888casino and William Hill make up the Top 10 of the exclusive promotions: real VIP benefits that include exclusive benefits such as invitations to galas or even the assistance of a personal gaming consultant.

Marco Writly is a Canadian casino expert with over 5 years experience. He is also CEO of video games software provider company. He was a successful student at Toronto University studying business economics. He showed his interest in casinos during his student years. It  started with pleasant evenings with friends playing casinos and now is already author of over 100 articles in the iGaming industry. He was rewarded twice as the best expert in worldwide low deposit casinos on Casino Championship in 2019 and 2017. Marco is completing his master’s degree in Marketing, specialised on bettings and casinos. Education never ends, so he always provides quality work and helpful articles for our readers. 

If you have any questions to Marco feel free to contact him via Contact form or his social media.

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