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The best cryptocasinos in Canada 2022

Updated May 15, 2023

by Marco Writly

Cryptocasinos in our territory, let’s discover them together

Seeing and considering the recent spread and popularity of cryptocurrencies and their increasingly massive use on the network, many international bookmakers offer the possibility of combining online gaming with the use of these virtual currencies. Even in Canada, for some time, you can play slots and table games of the most popular platforms using cryptomoneta. On this page I will explain how to do it, as well as provide you with the list of cryptocasinos in our territory.

On the information table above you got to know our best cryptocasinos with the features related to bonuses and virtual currencies that make available to the user. Continuing to read the next paragraphs you will also get to know the most popular games of these platforms and discover the characteristics of the different virtual currencies available in them. Before continuing with this in-depth analysis, I think it is necessary to point out that operators in possession of a regular Canadian license do not directly accept cryptocurrencies; however, they can be used in casinos through the mediation of NETELLER. I will explain better what it means shortly, so I recommend you to continue reading!

How to choose your cryptocurrency casino

When it comes to choosing between different cryptocasinos, before the classic evaluative parameters to be considered when analyzing a conventional operator, it is good to examine other platform features. Availability of games, welcome bonuses and promos, live catalog and mobile apps are certainly important, but first and foremost it is necessary to ascertain the reliability of the sites where you choose to bet using virtual currency. Some non-legal operators in fact, taking advantage of the lack of knowledge that still exists on our territory on the subject of “cryptocurrency”, are often the authors of online scams against unaware consumers. In the boxes that you find under I have briefly synthetized all that of which you must ascertain before registering on a determined play platform.

  • Security Especially when it comes to cryptocasinos, the first aspect to definitely keep in mind is related to security. Always make sure that the operator you have chosen is in possession of the license provided by the Customs and Monopoly Agency.

  • History and Reputation Again, as far as your user protection is concerned, do not register with illegal and malicious operators that can lead to nasty surprises. Always choose bookmakers that are known to the public and have a solid history behind them that can testify to their reliability.

  • Speed Transactions One of the advantages of using cryptocurrencies is that they offer customers faster transactions. Therefore, check the timeframe for withdrawals and deposits directly on the site of your bookie and then choose the one that, for the same security, is faster.

  • Other criteria The additional criteria to consider when choosing your cryptocurrency casino are the classic ones that are used to “judge” a conventional operator: portfolio of games, welcome bonus, live catalog and mobile items, support service.

These are obviously general advices dictated by my experience but also by a minimum of common sense. The gambling industry is now much safer than it was at the dawn of the Internet, but this does not detract from the fact that someone still tries to take advantage of some inexperienced players 🧔 to get money out of them. Having said that, I repeat: if you choose legal operators with a license (which I have recommended on this page), from this point of view you can really rest assured.

How to use these currencies on an Canadian casino

Current Canadian legislation regarding cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, XLM and EOS, is still not very clear. Since this is a virtual currency introduced only recently on our territory, it has not yet been regularized by specific regulations, but it is still usable as it is totally legal, although it is coinage that is not issued by any bank or state bank. This currency is rather “mined” by so-called “miners” and is nothing but a pair of so-called “cryptographic keys”. The first, public, serves in practice as the address for the transaction that can be sending or receiving (a kind of IBAN, to understand), the second is a private key that authorizes the financial movement, like a sort of PIN code. The mechanism may seem complex at first glance, especially for those who are not exactly experts in new technologies. But I will explain in the next paragraph how to recharge your account with this currency and use it to bet on your favorite games.

Buy cryptocurrencies on the net: find out how to do it

This paragraph is actually preliminary and in fact is dedicated to all those who have never had to deal with cryptocurrencies yet. I will explain what you need to do before using this currency in the best Canadian cryptocasinos, or, in short, how to buy it before spending it. The first step to take is certainly to decide which one you want to use and head directly to the site of the chosen currency. Once this step is done, it is absolutely essential to open a digital e-wallet management and then move on to the purchase of the coin 🪙 in one of the numerous exchanges present on the network, to which, however, it is necessary to pay a commission precisely because of the particular type of operation. There is no way in any case to avoid the payment because today there are no alternatives to enter in possession of cryptocurrency.

As I have already pointed out to you in the previous paragraph, the e-wallet is essential for the use of any possible cryptocurrency. In fact, it allows you to manage your “assets” of virtual money and without it you would not have the ability to spend your cryptocurrency anywhere. Having said that, I want to provide you with some safety notes regarding these wallets. First of all avoid keeping them online and managing them while you are connected to avoid exposing yourself to hacker attacks. It is preferable to install them right on the hard disk of your pc dektop and protect them with different passwords and access keys. It never hurts to have an offline backup on external storage media if you really want to feel totally safe.

How to reload your account on a cryptocurrency casino

Previously, I pointed out how in Canadian territory the legislation regarding the use of cryptocurrencies is still unclear and structured, although these coins are absolutely legal. For this reason, in our cryptocasinos it is not yet possible to take advantage of this new form of money directly, but it turns out to be necessary to go through a banking intermediary that can convert your virtual bankroll into CAD. The e-wallet responsible for this type of operation is the famous NETELLER. To make your life easier I presented the different steps to do in three different screenshots that you can see in the boxes below. Check them out if you want to understand how to easily make a cryptocurrency deposit on your favorite gaming site.

In practice, the first step is to create an account on NETELLER, which is the only e-wallet currently in circulation to allow the conversion cryptocurrency / euro 💶. After registration you can implement the next step of currency exchange and then head directly to the payment systems set up by the gambling house and make a normal recharge by choosing the desired amount. Obviously in this case, the transaction will not be anonymous, as is the case when you pay with cryptocurrencies and this is now required because of the anti-money laundering law and the measures that the online casino sites take to avoid illegal transactions.

Best bonuses in cryptocasinos

The gaming platforms that allow you to use your cryptocurrency via NETELLER are actually nothing more than the traditional bookmakers (already known to most) that offer this e-wallet among the payment methods. So, when I talk about cryptocasino bonuses, I don’t refer to special welcome offers 💰 reserved to single players who use virtual currency, nor do I refer to specific gambling houses which contemplate only cryptocurrencies as payment methods (as we have seen, in fact, these platforms are never certified by ADM), but to classic gifts for new members that all new players can win, regardless of whether or not they use the cryptocurrency/euro conversion offered by NETELLER. In the box below I have included some of the most interesting promos accompanied by their main features.

As you can see by consulting the table above, these are really different cryptocasino bonuses from each other. Between the distinguishing notes there are definitely the contribution parameters of the different games, i.e. values that allow you to reconstruct in what percentage they generate the wagering volume required to unlock the bonus, the so-called playthrough. The minimum deposit instead, is a requirement quite stable in most of the Canadian 🇨🇦 gaming sites, certainly is in those that I have reported in this paragraph.

Games: an overview of the standard portfolio

Based on the assumption that the gambling houses that allow the use of cryptocurrency in Canada are to all intents and purposes classic platforms, it is easy to see how their portfolio of ludic items is actually quite conventional. There are not, to be clear, dedicated cryptocasino games. The products in the catalog are therefore always the same: slot machine games, online roulette tables, blackjack, baccarat casino, seven and a half Canadian, video poker machines and other items such as table casino poker ❤ and online poker rooms. I repeat once again that to try these games for real money all you have to do is take your cryptocurrency management e-walett and convert the virtual money via NETELLER, then reload your account. Nothing could be simpler. Following is a list of all these items and their main features that I have compiled mainly for those who are just getting into the world of gambling today.

  • Slot machine: bet little and win big jackpots
  • Roulette: the French wheel that made the world go crazy.
  • Blackjack: a game of strategy and luck very popular among players.
  • Baccarat: a simple game to challenge the bank and win
  • Videopoker: an interesting mix of poker and slot machine
  • Online poker: the famous poker rooms to challenge other players online.
  • Poker casino: many RNG variants of a great classic
  • Bingo: many variants with different numbers of balls to test your luck
  • Casino Hold’em: you can test your poker skills against a real dealer.
  • Three-Card Poker: variant with simple rules and excellent payouts.
  • Caribbean Stud Poker:allows you to win a jackpot by playing poker.

As you have a way to see from the table I have presented above, the possibilities of fun on the best cryptocasinos are really a lot. The offer is very varied and this is also quite logical, since, as I have already explained several times, these are conventional operators that allow you to use electronic currency via NETELLER. Anyway, there really is something for everyone. Whichever player you are, whichever game you prefer, you will surely find what you are looking for in the catalogs of these ADM-certified bookmakers.

The most well-stocked slot bookmakers

While it is true that there are different types of games on the casinos I have presented on this page, it is also true that some of them offer a better assortment of slot machines 🎰 than others. I felt it was important to point this out since roller machines are one of the products that most interest our audience. Whether it’s the payout rates that are always quite favorable, or the commitment with which many software publishers have recently marketed products with innovative graphics and gameplay features, these are always successful items that make up the central corpus in the gaming portfolio of every casino. In the table below I have summarized the best operators in this sense and different parameters and features of their offer related to roller machines, including also related cryptocasino bonuses.

As you can see from the box above, dominates this particular ranking the best casino bonuses 🎁 currently around and an average payout of slots quite favorable. Having said that, the other casinos on the table are also certainly not in disrepute.

The platforms with the largest roulette assortment

If it is true that slot machines are the centerpiece of every game catalog related to Canadian cryptocasinos, it is equally true that another game much loved by our audience is certainly roulette. Again, the assortment of Canadian bookmakers is truly vast and includes not only the classic versions but also numerous very pleasant variants such as “European Roulette”, “Pinball Roulette” and “American Roulette” with double zeroes, the latter of which is certainly more unscrupulous because it is characterized by a higher house edge and therefore lower chances of winning for the player. In the table below, once again, a report per bookmaker of the catalogs in this sense more provided.

Once again, BC Game Casino presents itself as one of the most well-stocked and complete bookmakers with 34 different roulette games, an excellent payout, a truly enviable welcome bonus 🤑 and a truly unique assortment of live tables, enhanced by the collaboration with several providers for live solutions such as Evolution Gaming and Extreme Live Gaming. Eurobet and Winz Casino for their part, are absolutely in line because they offer some very special variants that I personally recommend.

The cryptocurrency platforms that offer the best blackjacks

How could I forget blackjack in this list of the most important? In fact, the great table classic shares the same popularity as roulette both nationally and internationally. It is no coincidence that in most portfolios on the platforms the number of products and variants of the famous “twenty-one” depopulate and are quite numerous. Blackjack differs from roulette because it is a game that combines randomness and therefore good luck with a certain knowledge of strategies and in fact it is very appreciated and in vogue especially among the more experienced players. Below on the box, an overview.

This time it is LeoVegas that beats everyone. The most famous mobile casino in fact dominates this particular ranking of blackjack platforms with 33 products, accompanied by 19 different table items with real time dealers. Excellent also the cryptocasino 🪙 bonus and the average payout, a percentage rate that, however, is always to be understood as indicative and not as a constant value. StarCasino and Unibet are confirmed as platforms with an excellent and assorted catalog.

Mobile casinos that accept cryptocurrency


  • Roulette mobile:27
  • Slot mobile:329
  • Blackjack mobile:17
  • App casinò live:Yes

I have already pointed out to you several times throughout this page that the cryptocasinos presented as such are actually classic platforms that offer NETELLER among their payment methods, as the only e-wallet that currently offers the possibility of exchanging (or rather converting) your cryptocurrency, whatever it is, into CAD. Having said that, it is clear that, being entirely traditional bookmakers, they also have a mobile gaming platform that will allow you to bet and wager directly from your mobile 📱 device, and all this regardless of whether it is an iOS or Android product. In the table below I have summarized some of the information pertaining to one of the best Canadian live casinos.

The differences between the main cryptocurrencies in the market

I have dedicated this page to the casinos with cryptocurrency on our market today but I have not yet spoken of these coins specifically, if not explaining in general their operation to clarify the ideas to all those who are “unfamiliar” with notions of purely computer science. In the next paragraphs instead we will go to know in detail the most popular coins today, starting with the progenitor of this “new generation” of currency, namely Bitcoin. I will talk specifically about him but also about other competitors that have appeared on the virtual financial marketplace in recent years by virtue of the success of the first cryptocurrency. In the box below, I’ve summarized some well-known characteristics of each.

Cryptocurrency Code Foundation year Founder Money limit Min Depot Partnership
Bitcoin: XBT or BTC 2009 Satoshi Nakamoto 21,000,000 BTC 10C$ NETELLER
Ethereum: ETH 2015 Vitalik Buterin 100,000,000 ETH 10C$ NETELLER
Litecoin: LTC 2011 Charlie Lee 84,000,000 LTC 10C$ NETELLER
Monero: XRM 2014 Riccardo Spagni 18,300,000 XMR 10C$ NETELLER



Bitcoin is certainly the main cryptocurrency of the scenario, especially because it was the first to make an appearance in the world revolutionizing the scenario of virtual transactions. It was the year 2009 when its mysterious inventor, under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, presented it to the world. This cryptocurrency does not use central banks in any way but uses the so-called blockchain, which is a database consisting of so-called “nodes”, a network that allows both the possession and transmission of currency in total anonymity. To use Bitcoins you need an e-wallet, the so-called digital wallet that allows you to save encrypted transaction data offline on a desktop PC or mobile device.



This cryptocurrency was officially presented in 2015, while two primitive versions in Go and C++ were developed the previous year. In comparison to Bitcoin, Ethereum presents a substantial difference certainly not insignificant, namely that of allowing the so-called “smart contracts”. They are nothing else but programs that allow the exchange of money and shares all in a transparent way and without the help of intermediaries. A further characteristic figure of these contracts is also the fact that they are programmed directly on the blockchain and for this reason they cannot undergo any modification or interference. A truly ingenious structure, conceived by its creator: the very young Vitalik Buterin.



Litecoin is actually a product very similar to Bitcoin, at least as far as the specific functioning is concerned. The minting processes and transactions of this cryptocurrency take place through open source protocols that are not traceable by any central authority. The Litecoin in the primary intentions of its founders, is born as an alternative and improved version of the famous Bitcoin. It was in fact developed in such a way as to allow for more streamlined processes of validation of different transactions. This virtual coin, initially indicated as the real successor of Bitcoin itself, has now acquired its autonomy and is the fourth cryptocurrency on the international scene for what concerns the so-called “share capitalization”.



The last cryptocurrency I’m going to discuss here is Monero. This decentralized virtual currency was born in 2014 from an idea of Riccardo Spagni and has a really specific feature that distinguishes it from all the others on the market: the CryptoNight algorithm, in turn derived from the CryptoNote internet protocol. As far as market capitalization is concerned this coin had its boom in the year 2016 going from $5 million to $5 billion. Recent estimates, related to last year, place this cryptocurrency in thirteenth position. Clearly, its value, like that of all the others on the market, is not fixed but highly volatile. On the Canadian platforms it is possible to use it through the conversion into euro offered by NETELLER.

Online casinos and cryptocurrency: advantages and disadvantages

In this paragraph I will talk to you about the advantages 🙂 and disadvantages ☹ related to the use of cryptomoneta on our online bookmakers. I will first give you a more general introduction regarding their direct use on gaming platforms (although it is not yet possible in Canada) and then move on, in the next block of text, to evaluate the benefits and complexities of use through the NETELLER intermediary. In fact, when the situation on our territory will be normalized and legalized for good, there are several pros that can be derived from the use of cryptocurrency on the sites of online operators. First of all, the guarantee of anonymity of the transactions, then the really low cost of the transactions themselves (much lower than that of all other payment systems), the security of money movements and the possibility of not involving third parties for the transfer of funds. As for the cons, the most important of them is represented by the volatility of cryptocurrencies, whose value tends to fluctuate continuously. In addition, there is the possibility that the user is required to pay taxes on any winnings and the irreversibility of the payment process itself. In the table below I have summarized all this information.


  • Transaction anonymity
  • Low cost of commissions
  • Security Fund Transfer
  • No third parties involved


  • Cryptocurrency volatility
  • Taxes on any winnings
  • Non-reversible transitions
  • Complexity of use

The scenario concerning the advantages and disadvantages related to the direct use of cryptocurrency on online casinos that I illustrated in the previous paragraph and in the box above, is obviously not related to the current Canadian situation. At the moment in fact on our gaming platforms, as I have repeated several times on this page, you can use cryptocurrency only and exclusively through NETELLER. Therefore all the advantages and disadvantages related to the use of this electronic wallet are valid, to which is added as a pro (not a little against) the possibility of converting your virtual currency into euro, when you want to spend it on the Canadian platforms.

A brief history of cryptocurrencies

The history of cryptocurrency is less recent than it may seem and has its origin at the end of the eighties with the birth of DigiCash, an electronic currency invented by David Chaum. Further developments took place in the nineties with Egold, an American company that was able to issue cryptocurrency and then sell it on the market, but objectively it is the year 2009 that is a real turning point for digital crypto transactions. Satoshi Sakamoto, creates the Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency ever that uses the so-called blockchain (blockchain) able to record all transactions made with this currency. In 2011 Litecoin was invented, which aims to streamline transaction processes and perfect Bitcoin protocols, while another important year for cryptocurrencies is 2015, when Vitalik Buterin invented Ethereum and patented the so-called smart contracts system.

Although the cryptocurrency market has in a sense consolidated in the past year, we can only imagine developments regarding these virtual currencies. That the future goes in this direction is undeniable and also testifies to the interest of large multinationals in respect of this area, recently materialized specifically by the birth of the first virtual currency Facebook. Therefore, we have to wait anxiously for the news of this alternative finance and, in the meantime, hope that the possibility of making direct payments through these currencies on our casino sites will soon be introduced.

A final evaluation on the topic of this page

Joint at the conclusion of this page dedicated to cryptocurrencies and the best Canadian cryptocasinos I can only draw the sums of what has been exposed so far. As I told you in the previous paragraphs, these virtual currencies offer several advantages for transactions on the net, but their presence on our territory must still be regulated by legislation in this regard, which certainly will not be long in coming. For this reason, even today, it is not possible to use these currencies directly in casinos unless they have been converted into CAD through the NETELLER intermediary. For this reason, if you happen to come across bookmakers on the web offering Bitcoin, Ethereum and similar payment methods, be wary: these are not legal platforms that have received ADM certification. That said, we expect things to change in the near future. Until then, if you have a nest egg of cryptocurrency set aside and want to use it on cryptocasino games, you might as well head to the bookie sites I pointed out at the top of this page.

Questions and answers

Before finally closing this discussion I have chosen to include the most frequent questions and doubts of players about the use of cryptocurrency on casinos. I recommend you to consult them: maybe you will find in them the questions that you have asked yourself! If you have further questions to ask then, do not hesitate to contact me. Asking is legitimate and answering for me is a pleasure.

Are cryptocurrencies a safe thing?

As far as the security parameter is concerned, you can rest assured. The cryptomoney currencies currently on the market and specifically those that I have reported on this page, are all absolutely legal and therefore will not mislead you with scams and pitfalls. The thing to know is that each of these currencies is characterized by a strong volatility and consequently by fluctuations of the value rather significant depending on the periods.

Are all cryptocurrency casinos legal and ADM-certified?

As I told you before, there are actual bookmakers who offer the possibility to pay directly with virtual currency. However, these operators are not legal within our market, as they have not received certification from the Customs and Monopolies Agency. As far as I’m concerned the advice I can give you is to opt for the bookmakers I mentioned at the beginning of this page: you can use NETELLER to convert your 3.0 currency “assets” into CAD and play on your desktop PC or from the cryptocasino app after reloading your account.

How do you withdraw your winnings on these casinos?

In the case of Canadian bookmakers no special procedure is required. The cryptocurrency is only used after it has been converted into CAD with NETELLER. From that moment on, you should stick to the usual withdrawal and deposit times of this electronic wallet.

Do cryptocurrency gaming platforms have customer care in place?

Yes, of course. The legal Canadian platforms that offer the possibility to use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and similar currencies via NETELLER are in all respects conventional bookmakers, which is why they certainly have a multi-channel customer service. Between email, live chat and phone contact, you can certainly request the info you are looking for.

Marco Writly is a Canadian casino expert with over 5 years experience. He is also CEO of video games software provider company. He was a successful student at Toronto University studying business economics. He showed his interest in casinos during his student years. It  started with pleasant evenings with friends playing casinos and now is already author of over 100 articles in the iGaming industry. He was rewarded twice as the best expert in worldwide low deposit casinos on Casino Championship in 2019 and 2017. Marco is completing his master’s degree in Marketing, specialised on bettings and casinos. Education never ends, so he always provides quality work and helpful articles for our readers. 

If you have any questions to Marco feel free to contact him via Contact form or his social media.

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