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Best Payout Casinos in Canada 2022

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Updated Jun 2, 2023

by Marco Writly

Choosing a real money online casino Canada is not an easy job. There are so many casino sites on the internet these days, and players can easily get overwhelmed on which one to choose at a given time. So many criteria should be examined before joining a casino. You have to be sure they have amazing bonuses 🎁, great payment methods, safety and security, but one thing players fail to check is the casino’s payout percent.

The best payout online casino Canada is one that not only offers quick payouts to gamblers but gives them enough advantage to be able to πŸ† win something.

These days, it sounds impossible to find an online casino with the highest payout percentage. This is because most online casinos hardly ever want to pay their clients after they’ve spent so much staking. If you’re looking for the highest payout online casino Canada, then this is the review for you.

Our best team of πŸ’₯ experts would be analyzing online Casinos that actually pay out instantly and fairly to their players. Every gambler deserves the best payout percentages, and we would be listing some excellent online casinos where this is possible. Sit tight, and let’s get into it:

πŸš€ High Payout in Canada


Before going into the details on the best payout percentages and how to benefit from them, we would like you to go over this recommendation from the best of our team.

With our years of experience in the field, we have collated the πŸ… best online casinos that payout. With these low deposit casinos Canada, you would have no problem paying, earning, and your winnings can be withdrawn instantly.

  • TonyBet
  • Rizk
  • Yoju
  • Bizzo
  • PartyCasino
  • Tortuga
  • Genesis
  • SlotNite
  • Shambala
  • ComeOn

This fastest payout online casino Canada has excellent ratings and a payout of at least 90%.

There are several ways by which you can get these casinos with the highest payouts, and you will learn how in the following paragraphs.

πŸ”₯ Getting the Best Casinos that Payout

As a gambler in Canada, finding what online casino has the best payouts could be tricky. This is because most online platforms in Canada claim to offer the best payout percentages and lightning speed options, but you would realize that they were empty claims after joining.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t legit payout casinos, and with the following steps, finding the best online casino that pays the quickest would be a piece of cake.

πŸ‘ Use our Highest Payout Recommendation

Why stress yourself by scouring the internet searching for the best paying online casino Canada when you can simply use our recommendation and be done with it. We have curated a list of the top 10 payouts in Canada that you can trust to offer the best payout percentage.

Not only did we consider payout as a criterion, but we also put some salient features like the πŸ… best bonuses, payments, RTP, safety, and security into consideration. You can look through these best online casino payout platforms and pick your preferred selection.

βœ… Register

Now that you have found the highest payout rate for yourself, the next step is to sign up by creating an account. It doesn’t matter the online casino; registration in Canada only takes a few simple steps and can be done in just a few minutes at best.

πŸ’Έ Make Deposit

You can not enjoy the highest payout in a casino without making a deposit, irrespective of its size. A casino payout is always dependent on the active stakes and payments you make. To get the most of these, go to the banking section of your high paying casino and pay in.

πŸ’₯ Enjoy the Highest Payout

The best payout casino is one that not only offers Canadian players an amazing payout percent; it is also one that gives the best and instant withdrawals so their clients can get their πŸ† winnings in the shortest time possible.

βœ” Casino Payouts Explained!


There are so many ways the best casinos survive the competition raging these days in Canada. Most of the time, they try to clear competition by offering lots of bonuses, great online casino games, and the best payout rates.

You probably have so many questions. What is a payout? What casino has the πŸ… best payouts? Is it the same thing as a return to player percentage? All your questions will be answered in the subsequent paragraphs.

πŸš€ RTP Advantage

RTP refers to the payout percentage of a game or online casino. It is best used to explain the percentage a gamer is set to win when playing a particular game in Canada. You might not necessarily win the payout immediately, but you will surely get your earnings since the RTP stands.

It might sound like a Cashback bonus, but RTP is used to explain returns for continuous usage of a particular casino or specific games. If a game has good RTP,  it doesn’t mean you will get an instant πŸ† win on your first or second play; it might not even be applicable on your first ten gameplays. However, just keep in mind that in the end, you would get huge winnings.

For example, you stake C$100 on a particular game with a πŸ’₯ 97.9% RTP. It means that you can expect to get a real money payout of C$98 on the high-paying Canada site if you keep playing games.

To be sure you are simply not giving away all your funds to these minimum deposit casinos Canada, it is paramount that gamblers carefully check the payout for a particular casino in Canada before jumping into it. This ensures that you get compensation for all the funds you have staked in your online gambling.

πŸ’° The Standard Payout in Casinos

How a paying casino gives its RTP payout might differ from one casino to another. While some of the best payout casinos might choose to give different RTP for all their games, others can ascribe a particular RTP payout for the casino itself.

There is no standard to this, and the payout casino can decide to do it in any way they prefer. It is your duty as a gamer to find this information and decide on whether the payout percent pleases you or not.

The average RTP payout in the gambling industry is about 95%. It can either be above this or below.

πŸ’₯ The Best RTP Payout in the Highest Paying Casinos Canada

As we mentioned earlier, some online casinos might decide to list an RTP rate for their entire casino, while others might use a particular RTP per game.

Not all games are created equal. There are regular games, and there are the highest-paying casino games. These casino games assure players a real chance of getting a certain return from them, regardless of how much they might have lost.

Here are some of the πŸ”₯ best casinos that offer the highest payout casino games:

  • Jackpotcity casino
  • PlayAmo
  • Genesis
  • Gate777
  • CaxinoCasino

πŸ€‘ Best Paying Casinos

It is one thing to join the πŸ‘ best paying online casinos in Canada, but it is another thing for this casino to pay you.

Some of the highest payout casinos go through dubious scams to ensure that online gamblers do not get their money after placing high bets and being active.

This is the reason why gamblers should only choose a reputable platform and join only the πŸ… best payout online casinos in Canada that are duly licensed and registered. Want to know which online casino pays the quickest in Canada? Here are some of the platforms that fit this description:

  1. TonyBet
  2. Rizk
  3. Yoju
  4. Bizzo
  5. PartyCasino

πŸ’Ά Agencies that regulate RTP payout

There are several independent authorities and governing bodies that oversee the activities and services of several casinos in the gambling space, deciding whether or not they are paying the correct rates as they claim to.

Before choosing the highest paying online casino, be sure you confirm they have the certificates from any of these trusted companies:

  • eCOGRA βœ…
  • iTech
  • TST βœ”
  • SQS
  • GLI

⭐ Getting the Highest Paying Platform in Canada

Like we mentioned earlier, getting the highest payout platform that is reputable might not be the easiest thing to do. However, you will surely find one with excellent payout percentages once you follow the steps below.

πŸ‘ Use our Recommendation

Our reviews were curated by an expert team who know exactly what gamblers are always looking for. While the best payout online might be a mouth-watering feature, we know that just that alone can not give you an amazing casino experience.

There are so many other features of a paying casino in Canada, and we have analyzed every other essential criterion before coming up with the ones above.

βœ” License

icon casino safety

So many have claimed to be the greatest payout online casinos, but upon analyzing their services, you will not encounter the truth to such claims. As a gambler, it is easy to fall for such scams like this in your bid to find the πŸ”₯ best casino bonuses.

However, to avoid paying to scams or falling for casinos that advertise false claims, be sure to go for only fully licensed and verified sites. A top online casino with a trusted license will not post false claims to trick the public. They are regularly reviewed by these bodies and can not afford to play tricks.

🎲 Games or Casino

In some situations, the juicy RTP you found might only apply to certain casino games. If you place high stakes on a different game, you might be wasting your money.

Always read all the terms to keep yourself updated with their RTP requirements to get returns on your money. Most of the time, 🎰 slot games offer different payout rates than other games in the same casino.

🎁 The Amazing Prizes up for Grabs


There are certain bonuses to be gained by joining one of the highest payout online casinos. We believe that the payout casinos that do not give welcome bonuses are unsuitable for gameplay.

As gamblers who stake their money on a casino site with the highest rates, you should be entitled to certain special prizes. Thankfully, all the top payout casinos listed above offer these bonuses:

☘ Welcome Bonuses

After successfully verifying your online gambling account and making deposits, you are eligible to welcome prizes as a Canadian gambler. These can come in free spins for certain online games or even prizes.

πŸ‘ Match Bonuses

Depending on your deposits, casinos can decide to match your money up to a certain percent. More often than not, the match-up bonus is usually 100%. This is why it is advisable to stake a fair amount to get enough money from these bonus funds.

⭐ Loyalty Program

Loyal gamblers are even more entitled to a lot of exciting bonuses than newcomers. These prizes could be VIP treatments, free spins, exclusive invites to games, birthday 🎁 gifts. As long as you stay active and play games regularly, you will be eligible for this.

πŸ’Έ Make fast transactions


For Canadian gamblers, choosing the πŸ… best methods would determine how convenient your business transactions would be. We made it a criterion for all to have convenient payments so gamblers can easily do transactions in Canadian dollars without stress.

πŸ’° PayPal

This is one easy method by which gamblers in Canada can initiate easy payments and withdrawals. You can add as many of your accounts to this and run instant payment using any accounts. If you are always skeptical about leaving your financial details in casinos, you can use this for a coded payout.

πŸ€‘ Paysafecard

This is another payout method through which receiving and paying money has been made super easy. Online wallets are quickly becoming the norm due to how speedy and secure the process is. All you have to do is buy credit into your card, and you can do an instant payout from anywhere you are.

πŸ’³ eWallets

Paying and receiving have also been made easy with eWallets. They are a valuable method by which you can pay without giving out your details. Payout is also instant with almost no commission.

πŸ’Έ Bank Transfers

This is done by simply transferring funds from your account to your casino account. This is a slower payout method because it requires a lot of confirmation processes. However, it is always a sure way of making sure your funds get to you securely.

☘ Pros and Cons

Like with all platforms, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to payout websites. Here are a few of them:

βœ” Advantages

  • Amazing collection of casino games πŸ‘
  • Wide range of gaming providers in Canada βœ”
  • High chances of πŸ† winning
  • Instant payout βœ…

βœ– Disadvantages

  • Winning is not secure
  • Limited payments

πŸ”₯ Some Samples of the Highest Payout

When you see a casino that provides high paying rates, you join the platform and stay loyal because it means you would get returns sooner or later. If you’re in Canada and want to a feel of these payout platforms, then look for the following:

CasinoHighest RTP
Gate777Payout of 96%
JackpotCityPayout of 96.56%
PlayOjoPayout of 95%

πŸ‘ Casinos with highest slot payouts β€” Our Verdict

icon features

The highest payouts are one way through which a gambler can enjoy their gameplay. This is because you know for sure that your cash is not getting lost and that your returns will be paid back to you in full πŸ’₯! If you want to improve your chances, then you can pick from any of the platforms above and make a real money deposit into the casino. Genuine casinos might be hard to find, but we have made the whole process easier for gamers in Canada. Now, you can play games for hours on end without risks βœ….


Which slot has the highest payout?

The JustSpin has the highest payout available, with a rate of 99.12% βœ….

Do high payout casinos truly payout?

When you find a trusted one, yes ☘. Payout casinos do pay their clients. Ensure you find a licensed and verified one to enjoy these benefits.

What’s the standard payout speed?

This differs from one game to another and from one casino to another. The payment methods are also an important factor for consideration. Put all these in mind before choosing a payout casino πŸ‘.

Marco Writly is a Canadian casino expert with over 5 years experience. He is also CEO of video games software provider company. He was a successful student at Toronto University studying business economics. He showed his interest in casinos during his student years. ItΒ  started with pleasant evenings with friends playing casinos and now is already author of over 100 articles in the iGaming industry. He was rewarded twice as the best expert in worldwide low deposit casinos on Casino Championship in 2019 and 2017. Marco is completing his master’s degree in Marketing, specialised on bettings and casinos. Education never ends, so he always provides quality work and helpful articles for our readers.Β 

If you have any questions to Marco feel free to contact him via Contact form or his social media.

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